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About Us

ZedaSoft was started in 1999 to help Lockheed Martin's Business Development group develop effective F-22 concept demonstrators. Their goal was to help educate our nation's decision makers on the benefits of the F-22 fighter aircraft. The requirements were for a portable system that could withstand the hazards of long road trips while maintaining 100% operational availability. The success of these simulators allowed ZedaSoft to grow its business both with other defense contractors and directly with our military services.

Our engineers have a wide range of expertise that is focused on solving your simulation and visualization challenges.  We can deploy our resources on either a single consultant engagement or in a team project engagement.   Our engineers are also available in an on-call support role to ensure that your demonstrations and exercises are reliable and stable.

Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Systems and Software Architecture
  • Laboratory system integration
  • Prototyping and demonstration systems
  • Visual scene system software and terrain databases
  • 3D visualization of complex processes

The majority of our engineers started their careers with governmental and defense organizations, and this provided the foundation of our simulation and visualization knowledge base.  We have leveraged that knowledge and the newer more affordable computing systems into cost-effective and reliable simulation and visualization architectures.