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For Immediate Release
May 7, 2018 

ZedaSoft® announces 5 year contract to support FAA/CAMI Human Factors Flight Deck and UAS simulation research

(Fort Worth, Texas – May 7, 2018) ZedaSoft, Inc., a simulation and visualization software company announces the contract award 6973GH-18-D-00063 to support new human factors flight deck and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) research.

ZedaSoft’s CBA for Simulation framework is used as the engine which allows many federated instruments and systems to be tightly integrated into the aircraft simulation. An extensive library of interface controllers has been built to include; helmet mounted displays and head-up-displays, head-trackers and other augmented and virtual reality devices.

The company has provided these cockpit upgrades and symbology improvements to the electronic flight displays in pursuit of better pilot workload management and safety. One such experiment includes new Angle of Attack (AoA) indicator graphics that provides advanced warning of an aircraft stall condition.

About ZedaSoft

ZedaSoft develops and integrates open architecture based products and solutions for our simulation and visualization customers including Lockheed Martin, BAE, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and other defense, Government and commercial organizations. The main goal at ZedaSoft is to strike the balance between agility and cost-effective deployed solutions utilizing our modern open systems architecture platform, Container Based Architecture (CBA®) for Simulation.

For additional information contact:

ZedaSoft, Inc.
Fred Fleury
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