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Reconfigurable Cockpit System (RCS)

Reconfigurable: able to be modified, arranged and rearranged to model different cockpits.

Cockpit: the location in a vehicle where one or more operators are located when controlling a vehicle.

System: a group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.

RCS is a modular cockpit system whose components can be assembled different ways, allowing users to rapidly reconfigure their RCS assets into airplane, helicopter or ground vehicle simulators.

Major RCS components include:

Main Section - Seating, center controls and touchscreen instrument panels
Left Console - Fighter throttles and side console switch panels
Right Console - Side stick controllers and side console switch panels
Center Console - Throttles and real or virtual instrument panel touchscreens
Visual Display Systems
  • Single large flat screen display and stand
  • 3-4 large flat screen displays and stand
  • Domes - fabric and fiberglass

Center Seat Section

The center section is the main component of the RCS. It includes various seating options, touchscreen display options and center stick options for aircraft such as F-18 and helicopters. Helicopter collectives can also be mounted to the left of the seat. Driving controls such as a steering wheel and pedals can be installed for ground vehicle driver station simulator configurations.

The center section base is made of a simple frame system with a main base plate and five inserts. The inserts allow various components to be mounted to the base without requiring modifications to the main base plate and frame. Additional inserts are available for customers that would like to customize the base.

The standard front frame section is designed to hold 24" or 30" touchscreen monitors with a wide and deep opening for various pedal solutions that may be required. The front frame section is removable for customers that want to install their own front frame assembly.

The base center section includes a standard seat (such as the existing RCS helo seat), 24" touchscreen monitor and mounting hardware, and center glare shield.


  • Customized 24" display mount
  • 30" touchscreen display and standard 30" display mount
  • Customized 30" display mount
  • Additional blank floor inserts
  • Custom base inserts (customer can define required holes and cuts in plates)
  • Custom front frame assembly (customer can specify requirements)
  • Standard anvil style case
  • Customized anvil style case (for customized center sections)
  • Stabilizing floor jacks (raises casters off the floor for a more stable platform)
  • Small (7" or 15") touchscreens
  • Seat slide extension (allows seat to slide back another 68" for dome installations)
  • Pedals – FlightLink®, Aerotronics,
  • Stick – FlightLink cyclic, Bugeye F-15/18 center stick, WittensteinTM, Stirling

Side Consoles

Both left and right side consoles connect to the center section and are designed to accommodate nearly any type of simulator controls. The top plate of the side consoles are blank and can be customized for installation of various HOTAS solutions as well as the installation of standard Dzus type instrument panels. Users can customize the panel to their needs with stickers, custom instrument panels inserts and other controls. The side walls are removable for easy access.


  • Upgrade HOTAS to Aerotronics, Bugeye, or Wittenstein
  • Customer-specified Dzus rail installations
  • Standard anvil style case
  • Stabilizing floor jacks (raises casters off the floor for a more stable platform)
  • Customize console size/location (to fit in domes, etc)

Center Console Section

Center console sections contain combinations of touchscreens and hardware panels and controls for stations that require side-by-side seating. Examples include the C-130J pilots' station, or helicopter center consoles. This component can have real, virtual or a combination of throttles, switch panels and control panels installed.

Standard section with 3 – 24" LCD touchscreens installed.


  • Customized screen configurations
  • Hardware throttle(s) installed
  • Overhead touchscreens for ceiling-mounted instrument panels
  • Customer specified Dzus rail installations
  • Standard anvil style case
  • Stabilizing floor jacks (raises casters off the floor for a more stable platform)

Example Configurations

Single cockpit
Tandem cockpits
Dual side-by-side center seat sections
Dual side-by-side cockpits with center console section in between