TAGARS Delivered to FAA CAMI


ZedaSoft delivered a new Piper Malibu M350 flight simulator to the FAA’s Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI).  The flight simulator is a Technically Advanced General Aviation Research Simulator (TAGARS), which is designed for CAMI’s research into civil aviation human factors and flight safety.

ZedaSoft selected several high-quality companies' products and integrated them into a best-of-breed solution to meet the FAA’s needs.  Precision Flight Controls provided the cockpit, flight controls, and simulated Garmin G1000 hardware.  With assistance from Garmin, ZedaSoft developed a G1000 software simulator and integrated it with the Precision Flight Controls G1000 hardware.  Bihrle Applied Research provided the pilot-validated flight model and aircraft systems models derived from test data.  When combined with CBA, these models are what make the aircraft fly like a Piper Malibu M350.  For the 3D real time visual suite, ZedaSoft integrated MetaVR’s VRSG as part of the TAGARS’ projector-dome configuration to provide the visual system for both the out-the-window and sensor views.  ZedaSoft is a software company that specializes in integrating distinct simulation products into a cohesive whole using their patented Container Based Architecture for Simulation© framework, which serves as the runtime engine in the TAGARS simulator. 

TAGARS is an example of what can be achieved by integrating best-of-breed simulation products.  ZedaSoft looks forward to many more collaborative projects with Precision Flight Controls, Bihrle Applied Research, and MetaVR – and to many more satisfied customers!

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