Mockingbird® Drone Software

Mockingbird ground control station
Mockingbird is ZedaSoft’s reconfigurable, networkable product built on CBA® to simulate UAS/RPA aircraft and ground control stations including Pilot and Sensor Operator interfaces. It also includes easy-to-use scenario-building features, which allow users to quickly design and implement training situations and sensor data collection profiles, along with weapons implementation.
Mockingbird consists of a simulated ground control operator's station and reconfigurable UAS/RPA platform. The operator's station provides generic UAS/RPA piloting and sensor operation interfaces. The software supports a wide variety of UAS/RPA types from hand-launched to full-scale autonomous systems.

Why Mockingbird?

Mockingbird enhances UAS/RPA operator training and provides an inexpensive alternative to securing real-world flyable assets on short notice.

The ground control station allows for both manual pilot control and autonomous flight enabling a wide range of mission profiles and sensor operator training scenarios.

Key Features

  • Reconfigurable aircraft performance
  • Reconfigurable sensor payloads including 1080p EO/IR sensors, and simulator Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging
  • Basic autopilot and route management interfaces
  • Attachable to any DIS entity to add sensors to constructive simulations
  • Multiple instances may be connected for single vehicle operation
  • DIS Radio/Communications included
ZedaSoft also offers several hardware solutions to host Mockingbird, from fixed installations to a portable Mission Console which is easily operated by one person and can be set up or torn down from the included shipping case in 15-minutes.
Mockingbird portable station
Mockingbird ground control station

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