Zuse is ZedaSoft’s low cost, flexible, reconfigurable simulation station for customers of CBA®-based solutions. CBA is ZedaSoft’s simulation engine which provides unprecedented flexibility and stability to real-time development and maintenance.
Together, Zuse and CBA create the foundation for rapid deployment of affordable COTS and custom solutions ideal for laboratory or early-stage training environments. Zuse configurations are optimized to fit each use case including selection of sticks, throttles, steering wheels, pedals and touchscreen control panels. Out-the-window displays options include Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, single monitor, multiple monitor and dome installations.

Key features:

  • Medium fidelity simulator with robust feature set and low cost of entry
  • Full range of aircraft models, reference models and framework add-ons supported
  • Multiple units may be connected for teaming scenarios
  • Ideal prototyping platform for Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality simulation environments
  • COTS equipment and reliability
  • Durable frame and seat with forward/aft adjustability
  • Left side arm raises and lowers for easy entry
  • Customizable side plates to support any stick and throttle/control set
  • Supports any size touchscreen
  • Powder coated for durability and scratch resistance

Configuration options:

Tandem pilot Zuse
Tandem Cockpit
Helicopter Cockpit
Side-by-Side Cockpit

Our Solutions Using Zuse

USAFA Multi-Domain Laboratory

Ph: 817-616-1000
2310 Gravel Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76118

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