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ZedaSoft develops innovative man-in-the-loop and constructive simulation solutions for the avionics laboratory, business development, and simulation & visualization industries. Our main goal is to strike the proper balance between realistic simulation and cost-effective deployed solutions using our modern simulation architecture.


ZedaSoft’s founders started the company with a different attitude towards the simulation and visualization industry.

The company's founders - each of whom had over 20 years experience in the simulation and computer graphics industry - realized that legacy military simulation software systems were inflexible and error-prone, and that the antiquated technology base upon which most of that software was built made it difficult for young programmers to be productive.

Our experience drove the quest for a newer, more modular approach to simulation foundation software which culminated in the development of ZedaSoft’s Container-Based Architecture (CBA®) for Simulation. This unique design approach has been patented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office under patents 7,516,052 and 8,150,664. Other patents are pending. The design is based on the concept of Fractal Containment™, which makes it easy to change the components involved in a given simulation. This change-driven design methodology provides our customers faster system deployment, easier changes and provides an overall lower simulator life cycle cost. CBA for Simulation is now entering its third generation of software evolution, and continues to provide the time-to-market edge and reliability our customers demand.

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