Leveraging legacy software in VR

ZedaVR enables the defense industry to leverage its legacy investment in embedded mission systems software yet still experience all the VR benefits of rendering in a gaming engine.

  • Ideal VR/XR kick-start solution while native Game Engine (GE) content is developed.
  • Allows reuse of investment in platform training content.
  • Allows reuse of legacy IG terrain databases and scenarios.
  • Easy for developers to integrate (drop–in libraries). ​
  • Game Engine capabilities maintained including all tools and effects.
  • Insulates mission systems execution timing from GE XR timing demands
  • Independent mission systems and GE software development processes
  • Network Sharing versions of ZedaVR are currently in work and testing

Ph: 817-616-1000
2310 Gravel Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76118

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