Container Based Architecture ® (CBA) for Simulation

ZedaSoft’s Container Based Architecture for Simulation (CBA) is a Java based software development framework that provides modeling and simulation engineers the ability to dynamically create realistic simulations for any platform, process or environment. CBA is built on an object-oriented approach that discards historical "platform-centric" design philosophies in favor of a design where all participants in the simulation, including the ownship platform, are peers. The software development environment includes reference models for high and low fidelity aircraft, surface-to-air threats, weapons, countermeasures, atmospheric models, sensors and on-board electronic systems. Other benefits include:

  • The same software executable is scalable on laptops, through multiple computer racked configurations making the computing devices the only scaling limitation, instead of some arbitrary array in the software.
  • Ability to remotely connect to and interact with any simulation participant that provides an interface, resulting in a built-in manned control station capability
  • Multiple simultaneous remote connections to a given simulation participant, resulting in a built-in display repeater capability
  • Ability for any participant to act as the ownship
  • Ability to switch out participants of varying fidelities

Aircraft Plugins

These plugins can be added to CBA to simulate various aircraft cockpits.
UAS/RPA Ground station entity interface

Framework Plugins

These plugins can be added to CBA to enhance the capability of all simulations
Generic Source Code
Enables development of client-customized entities
Simulates data-link connectivity 
MiLToC® for CBA
Transfer of ownership from constructive simulations for role players
Instructor/Experimenter Operator Station interface includes pseudo-pilot and third-person perspective views
Data Recording
Records all control inputs throughout a simulation session for later playback
Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) Filter
Filter your DIS inputs to enhance inter-simulator performance


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