Map Server CBA® Component

The MapServer component allows any entity in a CBA container to access map data. Examples include digital maps on a fighter or transport aircraft situation display, maps behind a common operational picture (COP) display, or an overlay on a radar operator's console.

The MapServer component accesses the BBN OpenMap system, which allows maps to be accessed by a URL (for example zsresource://shared/maps/pathtomapdata/...) with parameters specifying the extent of the area being requested. The MapServer allows multiple systems to use a consistent map service over a standard network with good performance.

Map data can be added at runtime with standard web POST commands supplying the map data, lat/long borders and min/max scale specifications.

The image above is an AH-64D Apache simulator with a map display on the right multi-function display (MFD).The Apache simulator is in control of the map zoom levels, orientation of the map and the overlay graphics after it is delivered.

Another example of the MapServer in action. This time on our F-18entity. The center display is a situation display the pilot uses to keep track of his position relative to known reference points on the ground as well as other aircraft and ground vehicles in the vicinity.

This is a good example of a COP or common operational picture display that also uses the MapServer.

The MapServer component is bundled with a CBA license and includes the BBN OpenMap system along with maps that we can distribute freely. We can also provide other map data depending on the end user and their purpose. Finally we can also take user-supplied map data and reconfigure it to be MapServer compatible and supply this with the MapServer system when it is part of a solution.

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