OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

The U.S.Army Air Maneuver Battle Laboratory in Fort Rucker, Alabama made an urgent request to ZedaSoft to develop a version of the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior that could demonstrate a new nose-mounted sensor (NMS) system integrated into the standard Mission Equipment Package (MEP).

This platform simulation was developed in three months by five software engineers, and was integrated into a full cockpit with controls and multi-channel visual system in the fourth month. Two OH-58D simulators were delivered in January 2010, and were successfully used for the Analysis of Alternatives study directed by the Pentagon for Manned/Unmanned aircraft alternatives in February and March 2010. Viable research results were published on May 6, 2010.

The OH-58D tactical mission simulation includes:

  • Next-generation nose-mounted sight with DTV, LLTV, and FLIR
    sensors and multi-target tracking capabilities
  • Hydra-70 rocket, 50 caliber machine gun and Hellfire missile simulations
  • Pilot and Copilot/Gunner displays
  • UHF, VHF & FM communications using network radio simulation
  • Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) capabilities
  • Improved Data Modem (IDM) datalink via DIS

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