U/MH-60 Seahawk

The U/MH-60 Entity was built originally for Lockheed Martin as a business development simulator. It is currently deployed in two Kiosk platforms. The simulator was developed using ZedaSoft's  CBA®  for Simulation framework and includes the following capabilities:
  • General execution framework for entity and virtual world model and GUI components
  • Support for Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol versions 4 and 6
  • Generation of constructive threat and friendly entities include blue and red force surface ships

The MH-60 simulator includes the tactical mission equipment package software needed to simulate the unclassified public release features of this platform, including:

  • Pilot, Co-pilot and Sensor Operator Station interfaces to any number of stations simultaneously
  • Simulated radar system to track and identify surface ships
  • IFF system used to identify and classify surface ships
  • Support for tactical simulation of Penguin missiles
  • Programmable key system available for all operators

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