Visual Scene Software

ZedaSoft’s CBA® for Simulation framework provides pre-built interfaces for popular third-party visual scene image generation (IG) software products and standards.

Supported interfaces exist for:

The MetaVR VRSG software provides photo-realistic satellite-based database imagery over a high-fidelity metadesic earth model. The metadesic model makes it easy to introduce new or updated terrain data, cultural features, and intelligence imagery into a simulator's existing database without requiring time-consuming rebuilds of database files.

An F-16 Hud with AIM-9 weapon delivery symbology. The HUD is a plug-in to MetaVR's visual scene. Both the HUD and the visual scene are driven by CBA.

The interface includes the ability to drive the various sensor channel configurations to simulate Night Vision Goggles (NVG), Infrared (IR) BHOT/WHOT, and Day TV modes. A SAR map and ground map radar interface is also supported, providing realistic SAR and ground map radar returns to the host platform simulation. All of these modes are supported from the same database, providing exact correlation between the Out-the-Window (OTW) scene, the visualsensors and the radar sensors. The ZedaSoft F-16 entity uses all of these interfaces to simulate an F-16 mission using a targeting pod and the APG-68 radar for target acquisition. Height above terrain (HAT) and line-of-sight (LOS) ranging requests are fulfilled either through the standard channel interface, or through off-line database terrain interrogation. The MetavR interface has been used and proven in many ZedaSoft simulator solutions for over 10 years.

This is an example of driving sensors into the cockpit through MetaVR's interface.

The CATI X-IG visual scene interface was developed initially to support CBA integration into the U.S. Army Air Maneuver Battle Lab (AMBL) for OH-58D and AH-64D simulations in 2009. The X-IG interface supports the dynamic driving of IR and NVG sensors to produce correlated sensor video simulations. The CATI Tactical Terrain Server (TTS) provides a centralized channel to interrogate entity height above terrain (HAT) as well as line-of-sight (LOS) ranging solutions. The CATI X-IG out-the-window channels, sensor channel and TTS was used in the
U.S. Army AMBL OH-58D Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) study in February 2010.

The Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) was originally implemented to support the Lockheed Martin Air Combat Simulator (ACS) and the Quantum3D visual scene channels used in the ACS four dome simulation center. The CIGI protocol was updated and used to support Boeing’s Virtual Warfare Center (VWC) integration of multiple CBA entity simulations. This interface standard has also been used to drive OpenSceneGraph-based visual systems used by many low-cost simulation systems.

Interfaces to other commercial and proprietary visual scene software systems can be provided as custom software support contracts.

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