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The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) opened its Multi-Domain Laboratory (MDL) in September 2021 with the mission to provide an immersive and scalable learning environment.  This environment provides future Air and Space Force leaders a unique and lasting experience in the fundamentals of contemporary warfare and the employment of multi-domain effects in a dynamic joint landscape. As part of the MDL requirements, USAFA challenged ZedaSoft® to improve and customize our MiLToC® role player software product to provide its cadets with a dynamic assignment capability for air and ground assets. Our MiLToC software dynamically assigns roles from the constructive entity generator that spring to life in seconds as live fly virtual simulations and allows users to transfer entities from constructive simulations like ASCOT, Big Tac™, XCITE or NGTS to our virtual Zuse™ cockpit simulation. This near-instantaneous transfer puts the cadet in full control of the entity thereby increasing the realism of the adversary or wingman role in training scenarios.  

Therefore, the cadets can be dynamically assigned a leader role for a strike package formation or pilot a refueling aircraft to help understand the strategic nature of their position. The intent of this role player software is to add dynamic insertion of a man-in-the-loop simulation entity into an Air Force student's training providing a higher degree of realism than a scripted target. This dynamic role-playing assists the cadets in understanding their important part in the overall strategic Air Tasking Order (ATO).

Find more information about our USAF Academy Multi-Domain Laboratory (MDL) solution here.


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