Man-in-the-Loop Transfer-of-Control (MiLToC)®

MiLToC (Man-in-the-Loop Transfer of Control) is a CBA® feature that takes advantage of the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) transfer of control Protocol Data Units (PDU) but goes a step further than other vendors by allowing our virtual "man-in-the-loop" simulations to accept the transfer from a constructive simulation and insert the virtual into the common battle-space for the engagement. Once that engagement is finished MiLToC can then transfer the operator to a more relevant player for a new engagement within the same scenario. This capability adds a force multiplier to the adversary subject matter expert pool of knowledge for large training exercises.
MiLToC® provides the following benefits:
  • Provides the instantaneous transfer of a constructive entity into a virtual man-in-the-loop controlled entity and back to constructive
  • Single virtual simulators can now take on the role of multiple platforms as needed by the training manager
  • Subject Matter Expertise (SME) can now focus on the heart of the engagement rather than spending time setting it up
  • Entities can be Red, Blue or White role players in the training scenario
  • Lowers the cost of training by acting as a training force multiplier
  • More realistic training for the trainee as they engage true SME adversaries
  • MiLToC is currently integrated and tested with ZedaSoft's CBA virtual entities and PLEXSYS' ASCOT constructive battle-space simulation
  • Virtual platforms currently supported include: F-16C/E, F-18E, AH-64D,  OH-58D/F, Su-30, JAGUAR and MANPAD
  • Currently transfers entity position, orientation and weapons

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