ZedaSoft® (Booth 1573) demonstrates EyeBox™, an Augmented Reality (AR) visual system solution

ZedaSoft, Inc., a simulation and visualization software company announces the demonstration of its EyeBox augmented reality visual scene solution.

This solution provides:

  • A more natural interaction with cockpit instrumentation
  • 1/10th the cost of a spherical dome projection system
  • Less overall simulator footprint while providing 360 degree FOV
  • AR headset with near double the resolution of current gaming headsets
  • Allows students to get acclimated to HMD technology sooner in the curriculum

The EyeBox solution consists of an SA-Photonics SA-92 helmet-mounted display with see-through 1920x1200 resolution per eye optics, a Polhemus Liberty head-tracking system, and a channel of the MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator® (VRSG) integrated with ZedaSoft’s CBA® for Simulation framework.

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